Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Institute for Societal Computing

I2SC advances critical research on questions at the intersection of society and technology, encompassing both (i) computing of society, i.e., using computational methods to understand societal phenomena, and (ii) computing for society, i.e., using digitally assisted interventions to improve society. Forging partnerships with civil society organizations, businesses, and governments, I2SC's mission is to create research with impact that radiates within academia and beyond.

Computing of Society

Measurement of different social phenomena, in particular using non-traditional data sources

Computing for Society

Working with partners on implementing solutions to help address societal challenges


Our research areas

Examines the complex interplay between movement patterns, socio-economic factors, and cultural shifts, shedding light on the dynamic nature of human population movements.

Use of digital technologies, such as social media and online platforms, to study political attitudes and behavior.

Exploring digital innovations to promote sustainable development, enhance education, improve healthcare, and empower communities.

Investigates digital inequality gaps, examining disparities in access, skills, and usage of digital technologies to inform equitable interventions and policies.

Utilizes satellite data and advanced visualization techniques to monitor and analyze the impact of climate change on forestry ecosystems, providing insights crucial for sustainable land management and conservation efforts.

Explores the intersection of technology and humanities disciplines, utilizing computational methods to analyze, interpret, and preserve cultural artifacts and historical data.

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