Digital Inequalities

Digital inequalities

Our research lab delves into the complexities of digital inequalities, examining how disparities in access, skills, and usage of digital technologies impact social, economic, and political participation. We explore how these digital divides perpetuate existing inequalities and what interventions can effectively bridge the gap, ensuring that the benefits of the digital age are accessible to all.


Satellite Imagery: provides a macro perspective on digital inequalities by visualizing disparities in infrastructure and connectivity across regions. This allows for the identification of underserved areas and informs strategies to address digital divides.

Social Media Analysis: Analyzing social media can reveal patterns of digital engagement and exclusion, highlighting disparities in access and participation among different communities. This insight is crucial for developing inclusive digital policies.

Geo-spatial Data Science: integrates location-based data with digital usage patterns to map digital inequalities, offering targeted insights for interventions to enhance digital inclusion.


Till Koebe

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