Climate change and Forestry

Climate change and forestry

Our lab's research on climate change and forestry utilizes satellite data to monitor and analyze the health of forest ecosystems globally. Through advanced remote sensing techniques, we track changes in forest cover, biomass, and biodiversity. This data is crucial for understanding the impact of climate change on forests, aiding in conservation efforts, and informing sustainable forestry practices. Our work contributes to a deeper comprehension of how forests adapt to and mitigate climate change, supporting data-driven decision-making in environmental management and policy.


Satellite Imagery: provides critical insights into how climate change affects forests, enabling the monitoring of deforestation, forest degradation, and shifts in vegetation patterns over time. This high-resolution data aids in assessing the health and extent of forest cover, contributing to global efforts in forest conservation and climate mitigation strategies.

Geo-spatial Data Science: combines location-based data with analytical techniques to understand the impacts of climate change on forests. It facilitates the mapping of ecological changes, biodiversity, and carbon stocks, informing sustainable forest management and conservation policies to combat climate change effectively.


Till Koebe

tkoebe (AT) cs (DOT) uni-saarland (DOT) de

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