The Interdisciplinary Institute for Societal Computing (I2SC) promotes interdisciplinary research at Saarland University and provides a platform for exchange between social sciences, humanities and computer sciences. Founded in 2023, it is headed by Ingmar Weber, Alexander von Humboldt Professor of Artificial Intelligence, and Daniela Braun, Professor of Political Science. 

The research work of the institute is divided into two main areas: Computing of Society and Computing for Society. The first focus area concentrates on the use of computer-based methods to explore social phenomena. The second focus is on using these methods to develop approaches to improve social coexistence. 

The I2SC sets out to create research with impact that radiates within academia and beyond by forging partnerships with a diverse set of actors on the ground such as civil society organizations, businesses, and governments. 


Saarland University
Interdisciplinary Institute for Societal Computing 
Saarland Informatics Campus E1.7

3rd floor

66123 Saarbrücken